Our College and Young Adult Ministry aims to provide our young adults with the resources and support necessary for making life-changing decisions about their futures. Normally, these are the years when major decisions are made about careers, spouses, and life direction. By providing an environment that fosters dialogue and group discussion regarding key issues, our young adults are able to make informed decisions with God at the center.

Join Our College and Young Adult Ministry group gathering of young adults just like yourself from all over. This group dismisses any preconceived stereotypes that “church is boring” and “does not understand my issue”. This ministry is designed to celebrate life in a way that brings glory to God; it is fun for believers and welcoming to those who don’t normally go to church. We offer an experience that allows you to worship God in such a way that makes it easy to invite your friends. Join us every Friday night at 7:30pm! FaithAGT is the place to be for single young adults in the surrounding area!

Throughout the year we connect with both College and Single Young Adults through small groups, retreats, conferences, hanging out, and much more.